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Linfield College Graduation Announcements
Tri-panel Graduation Announcements with the LC school colors on our unique seal sculpted and foil embossed.

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Diploma Frames

Linfield College Diploma Frame
Beautifully carved molding with our one of a kind hand-sculpted, foil seal in Linfield College's school colors.

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Linfield College Graduation Announcements
Linfield College Graduation Announcements
Linfield College Graduation Announcements Seals and Foil Colors

Linfield College Graduation Announcements and LC Memorabilia

Located in ? County, Linfield College revels in the art and culture of ?, Oregon. The ? community is extremely proud of each Linfield College graduating student. Linfield College sees many of the same students who continue to pursue university degrees.

Signature Announcements wants your experiences at high school to be remembered in style with Hand-Sculpted, Foil-Stamped, Linfield College Graduation Announcements. Gathering friends and family together to celebrate your degree brings an overwhelming feeling of personal accomplishment.

Our platinum style Linfield College Graduation Announcements have been exclusively designed for you. If you are looking for a Graduation Invitation recognizing your degree, you will not find it being sold anywhere on the Linfield College campus. Signature offers YOU your exclusive high school announcement design at an affordable price.

Our announcements are the finest quality you can find. From our Professional Platinum Tri-Panel Graduation Announcements, to the Elegant Style Graduation Announcements, to the simple and clean Economy Graduation Cards, you will see that your "once-in-a-lifetime" event demands the highest level of quality and the most professional announcements available. Linfield College graduation invitations and graduation keepsake covers are also available to remember your special day. We at Signature want you to remember the memories and determination you achieved to reach this special day. You've earned a degree of distinction and we look forward to providing you with a Signature Announcement that will recognize your outstanding achievement.

Linfield College Graduation Announcements and Diploma Frames

  • Our Professional Platinum Tri-Panel Linfield College Graduation Announcement actually opens both up (top panel with our hand-sculpted, foil seal in Linfield College's school colors), and down. Our Platinum Style Graduation Announcements have been ordered by 100,000's of graduating students.
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  • Our distinct, museum-quality Linfield College diploma frames are crafted with the finest of detail. Every frame is professionally finished and hand-assembled to precise specifications. Each Diploma Frame is custom-sized to exactly fit your LC diploma.
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  • Our Elegant Style LC Graduation Announcements are printed on a Fold-Over, Heavy Linen Card with Linfield College colors. Our custom seal FOIL STAMPED and EMBOSSED in Linfield College school colors in the upper left corner in full color, and your custom text in the bottom right in the Linfield College colors.
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  • We print your Return Address on Self-Adhesive labels that match the font style of your announcements and the color of your envelopes. These Envelope Labels will save you several hours of time and make your announcements look professional when you mail them out.
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  • The Keepsake Announcement Cover is made of heavy linen card stock that matches your Graduation Cards. This is a decorative way to protect and display one of your announcements. Parents and Grandparents often like to keep one of your announcements in a hope chest or memorabilia box.
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Signature Announcements is one of the premier sources for your graduation. Our goal is to make your experience easy and memorable. Quality and customer service are our top priorities!

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